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Are you a beginner and not sure if you want to keep skating or not? Since you have already stepped into the world of skateboards and longboards, it’s quite likely that you won’t be leaving anytime soon. Whether it is during your initial learning sessions or skilled rides, you need a perfect skateboard that is suitable for your crazy styles. Rimable Skateboard provides you with exactly that.

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With the Rimable Skateboard Drop-through model, you can pass your beginner and later stages without any worries and with ease. However, if you are looking to do tricks with it, you are in the wrong place. You can still keep reading on to find out if this skateboard suits your style and needs or not. We have created this Rimable Skateboard article to disclose everything about the skateboard to you. Let’s get started!

Here’s what you will get after buying the Rimable Skateboard Drop-Through Model

⇒The dimensions that suit you

With a 41-inch long and 9.5-inch wide deck, Rimable Skateboard offers you a size that anyone can ride on without any difficulties. Unless you are unexpectedly tall or heavy, this Skateboard will provide you the perfect space for an average sized rider and more.

When it comes to the weight, weighing only 8 pounds it makes your walks on the footpath easier. You can smoothly flaunt it in your hands any way you like.

⇒A deck that carries you for years

You obviously won’t be buying a longboard without keeping its longevity in the mind. First of all, Rimable with its trustable brand-name ensures you the quality of the materials of the components used not only in manufacturing the deck but each part of the longboard.

As for the vigor, 9-ply layers of maple wood constructs this deck. You may already know that the greater number of layers the better decks they make. So, 9 layers is a good deal to make a longboard sturdy. Moreover, it comes laminated in order to protect itself from the harms of harsh weather.

In addition, the deck has a slight flex so it can absorb shocks and bumps from stones and other objects on rough grounds. Lastly, this deck helps you have a greater control over the whole longboard and provides you with a stable ride.

⇒Wheels that make your rides smooth

Rimable has provided this skateboard with large wheels with a diameter of 70mm. rated at 85A on the durometer, these wheels are a bit hard so provides you with faster and smoother rides. However, it cannot provide you the flexibility or the control softer wheels would have provided.

The trucks being kept 7 inches apart also add to the stability this skateboard provides. Moreover, you are assured that you will enjoy this stability for quite a while. Because these trucks are made from high-quality aluminum. As the trucks are drop-thru, they provide you greater speeds and control in downhill rides.

⇒Vibrant Aesthetic Looks

Whatever be your complaints about the Rimable Drop-through skateboard, it will never be the looks. Almost all the riders love the graphics this skateboard comes with. It’s very eye-catching in an alluring way. Surely, you will get praises for your great taste.

Apart from providing you with looks that steal more than one glances, the graphics are screen-printed. Therefore, they stay, unlike stickers.

⇒The Brand Quality

Rimable does not have a huge collection of skateboards or longboards. But, whatever it has, they are all noteworthy. With top-notch materials used in construction and designs that suit almost every riders crazy demand, Rimable has been enthralling riders for many years. So, a piece of the company’s heart, effort and sincerity come with the skateboard you buy.


♦ Top-notch quality ensured by the brand.

♦ Durable materials used make the board last longer and also efficient.

♦ Provides a smooth ride on uneven streets.

♦ The dimensions and low platform support easy to balance.

♦ Small turning radius helps it turn smoothly and swiftly.

♦ The deck is weather-proof.

♦ Durable wheels.


• Bearings could be of better quality and build.

• Teenagers may not like the looks of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How stiff is this longboard?

Answer: The deck is stiff enough to provide you with the stability and strength you need. However, the trucks are not. Nevertheless, the trucks are adjustable so you can just tighten it up.

Which style is this longboard suitable for?

Answer: This style is specifically perfect for downhill rides because of the stability it provides with its tactful designs and features. Moreover, it’s great for cruising, carving, commuting and also free rides.

Does it come with any extra tools?

Answer: Unfortunately, no, it doesn’t.

How good are the wheels?

Answer: They are really good! Made of high-quality polyurethane with 85A hardness, they are not as soft as many would like them to be. Because soft wheels provide greater grips on the longboard. However, the hard wheels help to enjoy a traction-free ride and also a speedy one.

Which age is this longboard suitable for?

Answer: Considering the large size and space of this longboard, it suits anyone from the age of 13. However, it also depends on a rider’s physique if this will suit the rider or not.

How easy is to assemble?

Answer: 100% easy. Because you do not have to assemble it at all! The longboard comes fully assembled in its box. You just take it out and get started with your practices. However, you have the options of tightening and loosening parts or taking the longboard apart in order to get your required stiffness. These tasks are also easy.


Now, you know all there is to know about the Rimable Skateboard. It does not only provide you with all the features, quality build, speed and control you need but it also fits itself into your budget. Yes, they are quite affordable and they offer a lot for the price they are bought at. However, if the styles this longboard supports are not your style then it would be a complete waste (Not really, you could still do the daily jobs).

So, in the end, it’s up to you to figure out if this longboard is the one for you or not. Our role ends here, we’ll be back with more. Until then see you!

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