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Skateboards have become an in-thing for the youths nowadays. The more popular the sport is becoming, the more skates the manufacturers are producing. Thus, while puzzling around the vast kingdom of skateboard variations, here I have come with such a skate that people are greatly applauding. And that board is none other than scsk8 skateboard. Today you are going to read our complete scsk8 skateboard review.

scsk8 skateboard review

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You already know that Scsk8 is already dominating the market for delivering its products. And by now you can actually guess that the whole write is going to be the scsk8 skateboard review. Thus, with scsk8 skateboard review, I will let you know the reason for which their board became a hit.

Let’s Start Step By Step scsk8 Skateboard Review

What does the Size say

Let’s start scsk8 skateboard review with the dimension of the board. You will get the size in two different version. The body of the skateboard measures either 40 inches long and 9 inches wide or 44 inches long and 10 inches wide. The size definitely will vary depending on what size you would pick up for yourself.

And the skateboard tends to roll very smoothly as the wheels come 70mm in size that will help in preventing high jostles and balancing the high bumps instead. As the wheels are softer and bigger, it’s going to be an easy ride for the newbies. Talking about the trucks, the wheels come assembled with 7-inch trucks.

The skin material

The scsk8 skateboard is made up of 7 layers of maple wood for providing it the strength required. Since maple wood materials are the most ideals ones for making the skateboard strong, so you will definitely find the snowboard stronger. Hence, you can give a thumb up to the durability and strength of the product.

As for the wheels of the skateboard, you will find it Polyurethane (PU) construction.  Then again Aluminum has also been used to make the trucks of the board so they will not rust. Moreover, the skateboard also has a SCSK8 Pro Black Grip Tape on the top.

The wheels used in its production are 70mm PU Wheels that prevents high jostles and are assembled with 7-inch trucks. For bearings, Precision SCSK8 Abec-9 bearings are used.

Words on its performance

Abec-9 has been the highest grade in bearing industry and Scsk8 owns it on the board. This skateboard comes with ABEC 9 Red Bearings grade so you can have the smooth ride while you are on the board.

The seven shades

the scsk8 skateboard has got 7 different looks to choose from. They have Mini Scarf that comes in multi images on the board, the all black one, the blue tinted one, the green wood one, the natural one with the traditional look, the all redone and the royal blue one that has an abstract image on top. All the looks have a glossy finish with burnished touch.

Who can use this?

Teenagers, adults, beginners, amateurs, professionals anyone can use the skateboard. As it is a unisex board, so both the genders can use it due to its wide range of color. However, it is not ideal for young children and the one who weighs above 200 lbs.

Thumbs up for

  • The skate is able to bear the load up to 99 kgs.
  • You will get different options to from as they have 7 different looks.
  • It comes as a pre-assembled set.
  • The board skates well.
  • The maple construction promotes its durability and strength.
  • It is very easy to control as it has got a great grip.
  • You can clean the bearings and wheels with a toothbrush.
  • The board is quite tall to easily ride on.
  • The trucks construction will not let the trucks to rust.
  • Both the gender can use it for a ride.

Thumbs down for

  • The board weighs a bit heavy for moving around.
  • It does not come with a truck tool.
  • You have to loosen the truck before using the board.
  • You will not get an extra pair of wheels.
  • The grip tape easily wears out so it gets difficult to control.
  • Some board might come crooked for poor packaging so you better be careful and check out well.
  • Not suitable for the children and people above 200lbs cannot use it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come assembled?

Yes, it definitely comes assembled.

Does it come with the grip tape on it? Is there any writing or logos on it?

Yes, the skateboard comes with the grip tape on it. As for the writings, there are no brand logos or writing yet the underside is polished.

Does this deck have any stain or clear coat? Is it possible to sand it off?

It does have a mild layer of clear finished coat. But if you want to decorate yourself, then yes, you can sand the board off easily.

Will it support the person who weighs 250 lbs.?

No, it will not support the person who weighs 250 lbs. since it comes with a weight capacity of 220 lbs.

Would this skateboard be great for cruising and sliding?

The skateboard would be great for cruising, down hills and long trips but as for sliding, you will not find it enough great.

How soft are the tires?

They are pretty sturdy and firm enough for sidewalks and roads, but then again soft enough that you are going to feel the road.


Final Words

This is one of the most impressive skateboards that Scsk8 has thought to deliver. From its solidity to its performance, it is a great skateboard for the riders. Not only that, the board has different cool options which are another reason to like the board. Although its trucks and grip tapes have quite disappointed many of the users the board still manages to impress them with other talents that it carries. I hope that this scsk8 skateboard review has put a little knowledge of the way I aimed.

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