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Are you looking for a longboard that is great for both tricks and cruises? Certainly, you may be a rider who rides in multiple styles depending on your mood. However, most longboards support only one task or style. Either cruise and glide gently or do tricks perfectly. However, here is one longboard that also functions like a skateboard and allows you to explore your styles. Our Ten Toes Longboard Reviews will certainly help you reach a decision.

Ten Toes Longboard Reviews

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With the ZED Emporium Bamboo Longboard, you do not have to keep two longboards in your home for the different styles. As there are both advantages and disadvantages of a longboard, here is a review that will help you know about this longboard in complete detail.

Let’s Start Ten Toes Longboard Reviews Step By Step

What the ZED Emporium Bamboo Longboard offers you?

  1. The Perfect Dimensions

    This longboard, in fact, offers you with both control and comfort with its accurate measurements. The 44-inch deck will surely provide anyone of any size with the perfect surfing experience.

Moreover, weighing only 8 pounds, this longboard lessens your burden when you have to walk with it in a no-gliding zone. It’s both very easy and lightweight to carry.

  1. A Clever Deck

    If the deck isn’t clever but faulty, you may as well throw the longboard away. Because the deck is considered the most important part of a longboard. A deck becomes useless if it cannot handle your weight and movements and cannot provide you with a strong grip on it. Fortunately, ZED Emporium can do it all.

Constructed with sustainable Bamboo and Canadian Maple wood, the deck provides a strong support for the riders. Moreover, 8 layers and 8 plies in the deck multiplies the strength and stability it provides the rider. The 80AB grip tape enhances the rider’s grip and stability on the board.

On a special note, this particular longboard has a very clever construction that supports most styles of longboarding. It has a pointy nose and tail which allows the rider to cut through the wind at high speeds. In addition, it supports tricks and stunts with its slightly curved body making it more flexible.

  1. Wheels like wings

Wings give you a steady flight in the air with high pressure. However, the wheels ZED Emporium comes with does a better job at a smooth ride on a rough ground. They are in fact made of Polyurethane with a diameter of 70mm by 52 mm. Therefore, with the quality construction, the wheels of this longboard provide you with a smooth ride that too at a really high speed.

If you are thinking that these features do not make it safe then here’s what you should know. They come with a herculean hardness of 85A, as a result, they can absorb shocks better than you ever can. Lastly, the wheel comes with an anti-bite technology which eliminates grabs on the wheels.

  1. Trucks that make your moves swift

Firstly, let us tell you that the trucks are quite strong with the Aluminum construction. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the durability. Now, the important part is that they are 7 inches in length. This length allows you to swiftly change direction even in the sharp turn of 90-degrees.

Moreover, it comes equipped with the kingpin feature that allows you to do tricks better. However, the bearings are also aluminum constructed. But, ceramic bearings would have done a better job at this point.

  1. Looks that speak to you

The ZED Emporium Longboard has a vintage Californian flavor in it. It would look excellent under your feet on a bright sunny morning. Not just that but also in your hand if you are carrying at during any season and time.

The matte grainy looking black deck-top gives this longboard a classy look with the graphics that speak of vintage California.


Ten Toes Longboard


  1. A longboard but also does the functions of a skateboard well.
  2. Supports both tricks and stunts along with normal cruising.
  3. Great deck design provides both comfort and control.
  4. Wheels are heavy-duty with shock absorbing capability.
  5. Flexible trucks that allow swift turns and movements.
  6. Durable parts because of quality materials used in construction.
  7. Looks vintage and stylish.


  1. Bearings could be made of more suitable materials.
  2. Way too flexible for some riders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum weight this longboard can take?

Answer: This longboard can take around 250 pounds at a time.

  1. Will this longboard be ok for child beginners?

Answer: Yes, its length and style, all are suitable for users of any age and size. However, since it’s a child who is also a beginner, it’s best to keep them safe by using safety gears.

  1. How can the leaning angle be adjusted?

Answer: You can adjust the leaning tendency by tightening or loosening the trucks with either a skate tool or a socket wrench.

  1. Is this board suitable for a person of height 5 feet?

Answer: It does not make a great difference for a person of height 5-feet. It’s up to you if whether you feel comfortable with it or not. Most people do not find any problem with the length of their heights. However, if it does not suit you, you can always go for shorter longboards.



The ZED Emporium Bamboo Longboard comes from a well-known, trustworthy brand proving its quality and not disappointing its customers. Despite the few drawbacks, this longboard satisfies the riders in much more ways with many more advantages. Whether it’s a versatile, flexible skateboard that will allow you to do tricks or a longboard that allows you to go long distances at a high speed and smoothly you are looking for, the ZED Emporium is the one for you.

We have done our part of informing you about the features, advantages, disadvantages and the questions riders have through our Ten Toes Longboard Reviews. Now, it’s your turn to find out what you want and if this longboard will quench your needs. See you!


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